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Artist Statement

Painting is a necessity in my life. The expressive method of painting is often considered as important as the painting itself.

I try to blank my mind when I paint. I do not work with an idea or a theme. I select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms suggested by the world around me.

Usually there is no effort to represent subject matter. My subjects are celebrating every dimension of life by celebrating colour – without fear but with passion, and innocent. The use of space and colours make my paintings thought provoking and yet the subject matter is still highly accessible to the common viewer.

Each of my works focuses largely on architectural subjects, which when combined with the evocative choices of bold colours and words strengthen the urban themes that are influenced by my interests in the music and dance subcultures. Poetry and painting the two passions in my life, are both abstract in nature.

Music and painting is an abstract medium, and should just be what it is about and not about stories or symbolism. It is like listening to music, you can just listen to the sounds. I mean, I am involved with painting, but I just look at it as solving problems and working on the visual experience.

I am constantly finding new ways to do things. I try to understand life through my painting. My approach tends to be from experiments. I enjoy the challenges of various subject matters. I like to find new ways to do that I do not exactly know how to do. I think the real purpose of painting is to give pleasure. Therefore, my approach to the painting process is to involve the viewer with those subjects as much as possible; not only through those choices, but also through how I elect to portray those subjects.

Sometimes, after I finish a group of paintings, I am not sure what to do next. I do not know where these thoughts come from exactly. There are all kinds of influences- not really art influences, either- just daily experiences, life experiences. The beauty and reality of the day-to-day lives that make up the world around me.

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